Phone Card Recharge or Refill

You can continue to use your phone card by adding further credit to the card balance using one of our easy and convenient recharge methods. By recharging your phonecard you can continue to use the great phonecard features you have set up including World Dial, Direct Dial and Speed Dial.

Great news! Most of phone cards are rechargeable and you can use your rechargeable phone card from virtually anywhere from virtually any phone (land line and cell phone). If your balance is running low don’t need to buy new one, you can use our service for instant recharge your phonecard. No need waiting no need confirm no need more setup no more fee. All price is same as balance, and we have big discount for new client.

How it works ?
1. Please check your phonecard detail, rechargeable / refillable ?

2. If your phonecard is rechargeable / refillable you can use our recharge phonecard or calling card service instant from our online automated service.

3. Our service is works for all rechargeable or refillable phonecard or callingcard international.

It Safe ?
Sure ! your phone card PIN and Your information is encrypted with high hashing algorithm in our secured private database server.

My Credit / Debit Card Declined ?
1. We only accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro, Discover. Please ensure you enter name in the card, billing address detail correctly. We use anti fraud system with AVS Address verify System.
If your information is mismatched with AVS it will decline.

2. Your Phonecard is not rechargeable / refillable

3. Our payment processor cannot process your debit / credit card